Why did we choose Environ at Blush Beauty Bar Inc? Q&A with Christina Ryan, Area Manager for Central and Eastern Canada for SkinHealth Canada

Skincare has always been super important to me when it comes to my services, I’ve worked with quite a few different brands and they were all beneficial in their own unique way but I wanted something different this time, something that would show results. When I knew for sure that Blush Beauty Bar was a go, I set out to find a skincare line that would really make a difference for our clients and to be completely honest, my search was probably the quickest and easiest part of opening Blush!

I had been following Christina Ryan on Instagram for quite a while, we grew up in the same neighborhood as kids and I loved seeing pictures of her amazing life in Toronto! I knew she was involved with a Skincare Company but hadn’t really paid much attention to the name or what the line involved. One day she posted a video of this big beautiful white masque being applied to her oh so beautiful skin, and I thought well that’s cool, so I messaged her right away.

Our conversation was the game changer, I could hear in her voice how much she believed in these products and the more information she gave me the more interested I became. Environ is a very complex line, it involves a ton of scientific information with a lot of really big words but Christina laid it out in black and white for me and explained to me what made them so different from other lines in the market. I knew right then, Blush Beauty Bar had found it’s skincare line!

One month later, we had Christina in Miramichi for our first round of training and we were all hooked, we saw amazing results in one treatment on our model that day and we could not wait to learn more! Word got out that I had the amazing Environ in stock (at my house, because Blush was still under complete renovation!) and I sold out of everything I had brought in for our opening, that was a pretty exciting sign that things were going to go great with Environ!

So far, we have seen incredible results with the use of our Ionzyme DF Machine and our Innopen for Medical Needling. Our clients are seeing major changes in their skin, using our Homecare products paired with In house treatments. We do understand that our Facial treatment selection can be confusing, so if you have any questions at all, please don’t be shy to contact us! We LOVE talking Environ!

 I wanted to share some of Christina’s knowledge with all of you, so I asked her a few questions about Environ and her journey to reborn skin! Even in an interview she is so full of knowledge, check it out below!

1.  How did you get into the business of Skincare? How long have you been in this business?

After taking my Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology, I wanted to find a way to not only use my knowledge, but also my passion in my future endeavors. After graduating University I went into Sales to gain experience in the field, I realized I loved working with people and finding ways to make people happy. When I moved to Toronto in 2016 I met the President of SkinHealth Canada where he introduced me to the company, and the skincare + wellness brands it represented. I quickly fell in love with the 3 brands (Environ, Reviv and Forlle’d) and took a position as Area Manger for Central & Eastern Canada. As the Area Manager I train clinics from Winnipeg  to Halifax in the 3 lines, with a heavy concentration with Environ skincare. Along with training, I manage sales and help with event planning for clinics to gain exposure.


2. What is it that caught your eye in regards to Environ?

Environ is a very well established cosmeceutical line. It has been around for nearly 30 years. The creator of the line, Dr. Des Fernandes, is an absolutely skincare genius and has made ground breaking skin revelations based upon pure science and results. Using his products and protocols is a true honor.

The #1 reason I love Environs products so much is because of the efficacy and simplicity of the line. After we reach the age of 18 years old our skin stops producing Vitamin A. Vitamin A is used in our skin for normalizing our DNA in our cells, making sure no damages happen (I think of it as a security guard for our DNA), without it we are leaving our DNA to be damaged, which causes of skin to become damaged (aging, pigmentation, and other skin conditions – and worst case scenario – skin cancer). So needless to say, we NEED vitamin A in our cells, we can get a little bit from what we take orally, but not enough to fully protect our skin. This is where topical treatment comes into play. We typically hear about Retinol as the topical Vitamin A supplement, which is great – but highly unstable and very strong, therefore may cause irritation or reaction. This is where Environ comes in to SAVE the day. Environ uses Vitamin A in a fat form (Retinyl) and prescribes use every day, twice a day. This way we are getting vitamin A, protecting our DNA, keeping our skin healthy, and not causing a reaction. You find this active ingredient in our Environ AVST Step Up system. If you are not using this, use it.

3. What is your skincare regime? At home & in the clinic!


Morning: Cleansing lotion, toner, AVST 5 (I’m using AVST #5 now, but I followed the recommended step up system 1-5).

Evening: Pre-cleansing oil (remove my makeup), cleansing lotion, toner, cosmetic roller (increase penetration of my products by 100x), AVST 5

Weekly rituals:

  • Hydrating oil capsules if my skin is dry (1x a week as a night mask).
  • Weekly exfoliation: Pre-cleansing oil and Clay Mask over and do a mechanical scrub. Great for anyone with clogged pores and dry skin. Pre-cleansing oil loosens up dirt and debris in skin, clay mask is made up of Kaolin clay which sucks debris out of skin, while exfoliating (the Kaolin molecule is shaped like a diamond, so when you scrub you get a micro-exfoliation) This leaves your skin feeling like a babies bottom.

In clinic:

When I first started I completed 6 Environ DF Vitamin Infusion treatments using treatment gel to increase my overall skin health. This is where I noticed the biggest difference in my skin. This devices ionizes and pushes product deep into the skin and directly to the DNA of our skin. This leaves your skin looking fabulous but also helps with many skin concerns we fight (aging, pigmentation, dryness, roughness, etc).

This was the IT treatment of the Oscars, Sandra Bullock, Emma Stone, Alessandra Ambrosio and other It Girls received this treatment.

I try to have 1 DF Vitamin Infusion a month to maintain skin health and skin protection

I did Collagen Induction Therapy (Medical Needling) in 2017 and saw changes in my skin structure. If you are fighting scarring or working on antiaging, I recommend this treatment. Great for acne scars and those fine lines.

4.  Which Environ Product is your absolute must/favorite that you would recommend every woman have in her beauty bag?

If you can have only 1 product you need the AVST step up moisturizer. Its your daily moisturizer + serum in 1. You use this twice a day.

In the product you have your moisturizer with Vitamin A (Retinyl form), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Bio-Peptides, and Antioxidants. It is your 1 stop shop, it will change your skin and protect your skin (you still need to wear your SPF with this).

This is the most important product you will use. It is your skin normalizer. Your skins daily multivitamin. Your hero product.

Christina Ryan -  Area Manager for Central and Eastern Canada for SkinHealth Canada with Environ, Reviv, and Forlle'd.

Christina Ryan -  Area Manager for Central and Eastern Canada for SkinHealth Canada
with Environ, Reviv, and Forlle'd.