Woman of the Month – March 2018


We all know a woman who inspires us – someone who deals with stressful situations like a pro, someone who can multitask so well she makes it look easy, someone who never asks for anything in return of her kind acts, someone who just makes us want to be a better person! Sometimes these women are so thoughtful, kind and giving that they forget to take care of themselves – and that’s where we want to come in!

Each month we will be hosting a Nomination Contest called “Woman of the Month” – we want you to send us an email with a name of woman who inspires you, and tell us a little bit about why she is so awesome! At the end of the month, we will put each nominee in a draw to win a Free Service & Blush Beauty Bag at Blush Beauty Bar Inc! We want to make sure she pampers herself a little – and knows that she is appreciated for all of her hard work and kind heart.

Our first month for this contest was in March, we had 35 Nominations sent to us! On April 4th, 2018 we drew for our first woman of the month! I want to share with you why our winner was nominated :

“I would like to nominate someone who consciously flies under the radar but is the first to always go above and beyond. From welcoming you into her home to offering a helping hand at a local event, she spreads herself thin without even realizing it. In addition, you can be sure you will always see her with a smile and the most welcoming and confident chitchat, she makes you feel at ease at the drop of a hat.
Her passion and loyalty to Miramichi, from believing and supporting in local businesses, events and activities is contagious. If anyone is looking for something to do just shadow her for a day, she is the busiest of bees.
Her compassion, positivity, drive, and all around natural ambience is inspirational. I could not be prouder to not only, call her a best friend but someone I am thankful to play such an important part in my life.
I’d like to nominate Christine Colwell for Woman of the Month”

-Jennifer Traer

Congratulations to Christine!! We are all thrilled you are our Woman of the Month, and can’t wait to spoil you! Keep an eye out in your inbox in regards to your prize and booking your appointment!

It was so amazing reading everyone’s nominations that I wanted to share a few :

“I would like to nominate Whitney Price for your contest. Whitney is by trade an occupational therapist but also works other jobs and doesn’t know the meaning of downtime. In addition to her busy work schedules she is also an active member of the community. Whitney is also the president of WOMEN (Women of Miramichi Entrepreneurial Network)”

“I just wanted to nominate Krista Dawn MacDonald Dickson. She is amazing. She is a counsellor at MORE Services, a mom of two diabetic children, she takes care of her dad as her mom just passed away in November. She never complains, always ready with a smile and the first one to offer a helping hand”

“I am writing to nominate a lady i feel is so inspiring and deserving of "me" time! Melanie Carr is just simply a beautiful person. She gives her all to her family, friends and community! her heart is huge and she will do anything to make someone's day a little brighter. “

Nominations are now open for the month of April, to nominate someone please send an email to:blushbeautybarinc@gmail.com . Let us know her Full name, and why she inspires you!

Andrea Breau