Woman of the Month – April 2018


We had another successful month of nominations for our Woman of the Month. In April we received  9 nominations, and again I was so touched by all the nice things that were said about such great women. I'm really enjoying doing this each month, it is such a beautiful thing to hear women saying such positive things about other women. Especially when we live in a society that is so quick to judge others and it seems all most people talk about is the bad things that people do or have happen to them, I think we can all benefit to hear when someone thinks we are doing a great job at life.

Our April Woman of the Month is Jillian Waye, she was nominated by Gillian Woodman. Below is her nomination :

" I am writing to nominate Jillian Waye for Woman of the Month. 
Jillian is not only a hardworking nurse, but also a new mom to a beautiful baby boy who was born with a condition making him require numerous surgeries. The grace with which Jillian has taken on this challenging new role is admirable and her determination and strength are amazing. 
Jillian’s dedication doesn’t stop at her son. She is also a devoted wife and mother to many fur babies and a wonderful friend. She’s always willing to lend an ear or a hand as needed, despite her own very busy schedule. 
These are a few of the many reasons I am so proud of this woman and would like to nominate her for woman of the month. She is certainly deserving! "

-Gillian Woodman

Congratulations Jillian, you can give us a call at Blush Beauty Bar Inc. and we will let you know how to cash in on your complimentary service ! :)

Here are a couple of other great nominations:

"This woman goes above and beyond in all aspects of life, always helping others, always there when you need her. She plays a huge part in our small community, running events, and the local arena. She has the biggest heart, she would literally give you the shirt off her back, she would save you before herself, she’s a literal superstar. She has never been to an aesthetician before because she NEVER spends money on herself, she’s always giving to others instead, but I believe she too deserves to be pampered. I’d like to nominate my mom Joan Hallihan for woman of the month." -Carly Hallihan

"I would like to nominate Stacey Dunfield as a woman who inspires me.

Stacey is an amazing mother to her three boys, who is constantly on the go.  Her license plate tells it all (4MYBOYZ).  Despite being a mom, having a full-time job and being an entrepreneur Stacey always has time for her friends.  Anytime that anyone needs anything, you an always count on her.  She never asks for anything in return and has the biggest heart of anyone that I know.  I am proud to call her my friend." -Rhonda Ripley

"It is my privilege and duty to nominate a very special woman to me. She is not just my boss at work but a dear friend and a true definition of bravery, positivity, strength and inspiration. She always sees the positive in every situation, and is all about lifting women up! We work together and workout together everyday and everyday I see a women who has such strength, passion and drive for making the world a better place, I am in amazement of her.

She has no many storms in her clouds right now with family illness and the stress of a very important job as Director of Addictions and Mental Health, but has been the rainbow in their clouds to help them through. Always sacrificing herself for well being of others. I honestly don’t know anyone more deserving of this, especially with everything in her path right now.

“Some people come into our lives and touch our heart so deeply we will never be the same”…and Cindy MacDonald is that someone for me and many others.

Thank you again for doing this as we need to celebrate women more for all they do!!!" -Michelle Astle

Thanks Again to everyone who sent us nominations, don't forget to nominate a woman who inspires you for our May Draw! Nominations can be e-mailed to blushbeautybarinc@gmail.com !

Andrea Breau